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Conservation News
Pine martens have re-colonized three sites in southern Scotland.  Photo by Scottishh Natural Heritage.

Cattle in an Amazonian pasture.  Photographer unknown.

The rare Cuaca Guan.  Photo by Pete Morris.

Seized pangolins.  Photo by Zhong-Xu.

A concession that supplies palm oil to Proctor and Gamble in Central Kalimantan. But Mars, Inc. is now committed to a zero deforestation policy.  Photo by Greenpeace.

New Species Discovered
An alligator snapping turtle.  Photo by Gary Tucker.

Thorny tree frog (Gracixalus lumarius).  Photo by Jodi Rowley.

One of the new species of mantises discovered and named after former Vice President Al Gore--Liturgusa algorei.  Photo by Gavin Svensen.

A male Potamites stream lizard  Photo by Alessandro Catenazzi.

An adult male of the new species of Andean marsupial frog, where females nurture eggs in a pouch on her back for 3-4 months until they hatch.  Photo by W.E. Duellman.

The countryside habitat between forests, as pictured here, contains significant biodiversity.  Photo by Chase D. Mendenhall.

Gallegos, one of the authors of this research, checks his experiment.  Photo by Gallegos et al.

Humans probably killed off New Zealand's giant moas. Painting by Heinrich Harder.

A West African rubber frog, which lives among aggressive ants without being harmed.  Photo by Totodu74.

One of the agouti species, a tropical rodent.  Photo by

DrTom's Natural History

The Madagascar periwinkle growing in the zoo in Antananarivo.  Alkaloids from this species are used in the treatment of leukemia.
A major reason we are losing habitat for grassland birds like Bobolinks and Eastern Meadowlarks is housing development.  This house is being built in the middle of a hayfield that has had a good population of birds for many years, but no more.

A Columbian white-tailed deer female, which we marked in the 1970s.  This subspecies of whitetail was one of the first mammals placed on the U.S. Endangered Species List.  Photo by unknown.

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